How To Setup RoadRunner Email For Android?

Roadrunner email can be accessed from almost all the mobile devices, as you know mobile is the future. Lots of people use email on their mobile. Here in this article, we are going to tell how you can Setup RoadRunner Email For Android phone.

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Setup RoadRunner Email For Android

Instruction to Setup Road Runner Email for Android

  • Launch the Email app on your mobile.
  • Now enter the Road Runner email address which you want to set up, then click on next.
  • Now select Personal (POP3) and click on Next
  • Enter your Road Runner password and click on next
  • Now enter the following information carefully for incoming server settings. First, enter your email address with attached at the end, Password of your roadrunner email. In the server enter at the post 110
  • Now click on next
  • Then enter the following information for Outgoing server settings, Like in the server at the post 587, Select the security type to None, Enter your username and password
  • Now click on next
  • Type a name in the name field, here which name you will be shown to people when they receive the email from you.

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