How to Send Large Files to Roadrunner Emails?

Emails were only used to convey messages back in the day, but things have changed over a period of time, new advanced messages have been added to the system and email services have become much better. I can't remember when people could send attachments in emails for the first time, but it was certainly a long time ago. However, the files that people attached to emails were word documents, excel sheets, and PPTs. Now people send all kinds of things, from music files to videos and everything.

But it's important for people to understand that they can't add anything beyond a certain limit. Each email service provider has set a certain limit that its users must respect. While many users know what the limit is, there are a number of users who don't know what it is all about? Most unsuspecting people only sent documents in emails, so they basically don't know whether other types of files can also be sent in emails.

Change the Sharing Settings of your File Stored in Drive

It is not the problem to attach large files to emails but to attach files beyond the defined limit. You need to know what limit your email service provider has allocated so that you don't have problems later. Sending large files has two basic problems, i.e. they are difficult to upload and download. If you have a decent Internet speed, it will still take a lot of time to upload and download. You can imagine how much greater the inconvenience of a slow internet connection will be.

You may be able to reduce the size of the files to send them quickly or break the files (if they can be broken) and send them to multiple emails. If you can upload the files to a cloud service linked to the email service you use, it will also be a great idea. Here are Some Tips you can Take into Account When Sending Large Files:

How to Send Large Files to Roadrunner Emails

Steps How to Send Large Files to Roadrunner Emails

  • Check the size of the file you want to attach to the mail Before you attach a file to the email, you must check the file size. The total size of the attached file must be checked to ensure that it passes or not.
  • Reduce the size of the files before they are uploaded It is important that you reduce the size of the file (s) you intend to send before you upload the file(s).

If you plan to send images, the size of the images can be easily reduced using different tools. This will make it much easier to send.

  • Make sure you use a cloud storage system. Use cloud storage to send files from one location to another if available. Many email service providers offer cloud facilities that allow you to upload files to someone else. Therefore, use these services to prevent trouble.
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